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Stop Button

02-09-2011 11:40 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
I think there should be a stop button with the option of continuing or canceling the current action. I know there is a pause button but there is no way of getting out of what you are currently doing (or I am not aware of it). A stop button would work great if you chose to do something either by accident or not realizing the complexity/time involved.
 If you mean drawing time, you can click in the table of contents and the draw will cancel. If you mean with GP tools you can cancel them but depending on the tool it may take a minute to fully stop and delete all of its working files.

I have accidently hit the 'Switch Selection' button on my table (of a single selection) instead of the Clear Selection button and now I'm waiting waiting waiting waiting! for it to switch the selection to over 79k records. AAArrgghhh!!

If only I could stop this re-selection otherwise if it doesn't refresh soon I will have to bail and lose my edits  and I don't wanna  #StopButton