SQL databases with names longer than 31 characters

01-25-2016 10:08 AM
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My organization has a SQL Server with many databases with names longer than 31 characters long. These are not recognized by ArcGIS Pro (or ArcMap). We can't change the names of these databases, because they're important for a wide variety of uses outside of ArcGIS. Please allow these databases to be visible to and usable by ArcGIS Pro. We're unable to use ArcGIS as a regular part of our workflow until this matter is resolved.

This limitation is described here: http://desktop.arcgis.com/en/desktop/latest/manage-data/gdbs-in-sql-server/enterprise-geodatabase-li...


I'm facing this exact same problem. Have you found a way to work around this?


Not sure of all of the detail, but will this help?  SQL Server Database Alias


The fields I was interested in were all below 30 characters so I had our database guy create a view to only return the fields I'm interested in. I'm now able to bring it into ArcMap.