Spell check in text properties window

09-16-2011 07:33 AM
Status: Open
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I would like to have the ability to do some spell checking in the text properties window; currently, when I have time, I create and spell check my text in Word then copy to the text properties window - it's an extra step I'd like to avoid when I have tight deadlines. It can be a bit embarrassing when I have to go back and correct the word “Pubic” to “Public “.

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Regarding spell check, I have an idea for you.  There is a good program called Spell Check Anywhere.  It adds spell checking to all of Windows.  It may therefore work for you also in the text properties windows.
This is a very necessary feature.  For example, I started to type that this is a vry necassary feautre.
You may also want to consider MapSpeller for ArcGIS...

You'll be glad to find out that it would catch the "Public" misspelling via it's "danger" dictionary.