Spell Check for tables in ArcGIS Pro

01-16-2020 12:07 PM
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   Could a spell check be added to ArcGIS Pro so you can do spell checks inside tables?  While the current layout and metadata spell check is nice, there needs to be functionality to run a spell check on records inside a table.  I am a user of Edgetech's MapSpeller for ArcMap and it is part of my QC process to run MapSpeller and make sure we get rid of all the mis-spelled words inside of our attribute tables.  It is a pain to close out of Pro then go into ArcMap to check spelling in a table.




Thank you for submitting the idea!  I wanted to add a note referencing the comments over on ArcGIS Pro Spell check so that it is part of this thread.

If attribute table data is to be included with the spell check functionality, here is a suggestion:


In addition to the toggle to enable/disable the spell check functionality, you should also add the option to allow it to check the tabular information or not. The reason for this is that depending on how many records, or how complex your table is, that could require some serious resources to spell check it all. Some folks may want the spell check functionality as it stands now, but have negative experiences if working with such 'heavy' tabular data.


This would be handy.  I normally will take tables into a personal geodatabase so I can open them in MS Access and run spell check from there.  I created custom dictionaries to find and replace various variations on variations of the same name. 


Who doesn't love good old spell check? Spell check is integrated across all the technology in our lives. I think it's a great idea to have spell check work on the attribute tables as well. When reviewing tables of data it's very easy to miss a very minor typo or mis-spelled word. Being able to check this would be fantastic. I agree with Robert above, and it could bog down checking a huge dataset, so being able to toggle this, or run a spell check tool might be a good idea.


The ability to add a custom dictionary, should a spell check on attribute data come to fruition, would be ideal! Example: scientific names

+1 for being able to toggle as a setting


Hi , I agree about spell proofing tables  and would like to extend the idea to spell checking areas such as the label in symbology - which affects the legend in a layout. I have been caught out by typos in this area - often quite late in the day.

I can see meta data and text boxes are proofed, would be great to extend it to all text entry points.




@JoelBurley Maybe this can help with common words, but rare words may need some extra attention (As shown in the below example).

    code_block="""from spellchecker import SpellChecker

spell = SpellChecker(language='en')

def spell_check(text):
    return spell.correction(text)""",





Thanks @JonathanNeal ! I will have to give that a try.