Spatial Relationship Class

07-30-2010 08:44 AM
Status: Open
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Sort of a combination between topology and spatial joins... The idea is to create a spatial relationship between features. This relationship would be dynamic. For example if you have two feature classes: Market_Area (Polygon) and Customer (Point). Both features would have a common field, something like "Market Name". After the relationship is established, if you move the customer point from one market polygon to another the "Market Name" field would update dynamically.

Another example would be a point to line relationship where a line has a size and the point has a size, the point would inherit size from the line.

This type of relationship would have numerous applications and should be able to be related from point to line, point to polygon, line to polygon and even polygon to polygon.

Spatial definition query

I have search a lot of time and I suppose that in future, i can relate two or more shape permanently in the spatial and the modification of geometry and on table make difference in spatial joined features!
I think this is quite different to the ArcGIS Idea for a Spatial Definition Query although both are equally valuable.  A Spatial Definition Query like a Definition Query is about filtering features to define a layer on a single feature class whereas Spatial and standard Relationship Classes appear to be about storing and maintaining links between two feature classes.
I have a need for a tool that can create a relationship in SDE based on a spatial join. In my case it would be addresses (points) in building inspection zones (polygon). Every new address would automatically relate to the zone it falls in.
Its hard to believe that its almost 2016 and we do not have the ability to populate the field of another data set based on a "spatial join" without having to create another data set.  Please add a "Calculate Field Based on Spatial" button.  Thanks!