Spatial join a feature class with Global IDs and one without

10-10-2012 11:15 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
When working with the spatial join tool in ArcMap, it will fail if you are trying to join points (just geocoded) to a feature class that is found on an enterprise geodatabase with global ids.  The current work around is to create another copy without the global id, but not all users are technially savey to do this.  
This problem is serious, this is clearly a bug that required to be fixed.

Same thing when you join two layers having globalids from the same Geodatabase..

Go to Conversion tools - To Geodatabase - Feature class to Feature class. This tool has a field map where you can right click the Global ID field and delete it (if you don't need it) This will save a new copy of the layer without the Global IDs. Then you will be able to perform your spatial join. 

Remember, this is assuming you don't need the Global ID field.