Source Tab with Table allow duplicates

02-03-2011 11:42 AM
Status: Open
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When adding a reference to a Table in a map document, you can not have the object represented more than once.  If you apply a definition query to filter the table, you then can not add the same table yet have a different query applied.  Also, although you can sort the values in a particular column, we do not have the ability to report the distincts and the count of the distincts either.  This functionality is available in a layer file and would be useful on the table side as well.
Thank you for your idea. In regards to the second aspect of this request I believe if you right-click the field you wish to report the distinct records and select summarize you will produce a table of distince records with a count of how many times each occurs in the table. Please comment back if this was not the functionality you were looking for.

Hi Ken,

This is an old post but perhaps this will be helpful. This is aimed at the idea of having multiple copies of a table in the same map document. If you run the Make Table View tool from within a modelbuilder session and choose 'Add to display', a table view should be added to the table of contents. The table remains in the map document even after saving / closing / re-opening. I tested this with version 10.2.2, ArcSDE and SQL Server 2008 R2.

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Paul Lohr