Sort Identify results by geometry type (and exclude raster data)

10-31-2012 04:09 PM
Status: Open
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When exporing features using the Identify tool, users are often interested in just one type of geometry, either points, lines or polygons.  I know that it would be helpful if the results popup could be limited to just lines for example, when I'm comparing line features with varying attributes, and do not care about other layers that may happen to be visible for reference, such as parcels, utility meters, etc.

Also, users will probably seldom want to include visible raster data in the results box, but when they do that's likely the only data they want to identify at a click.

We can choose to identify the top layer, visible layers, all layers or specific layers, but wouldn't it be convienient if we could identify only point, line, polygon or raster data apart from the other types?
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Yes: this! PLEEEAAASE do this.