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Sort ArcMap Legend by Date

01-20-2016 09:09 AM
Status: Closed
New Contributor III
If a feature class is symbolized by a Date field, the Legend treats the values as charactrers and sorts them as such. This is stupid...Date fields should be sorted as dates.

No                              Yes
1/1/2016                      1/1/2016
1/10/2016                    1/2/2016
1/2/2016                      1/6/2016
1/22/2016                     1/10/2016
1/6/2016                       1/22/2016
this is an irritant.

I have only gotten around it by utilizing Julian dates.  However, not using the full Julian but only the Year + day of the year
I agree, it would be helpful if this sort feature was extended to the attribute table as well and it would be additionally awesome if you could choose how you wanted it sorted (date vs text) when you have several different date formats in your column.
Status changed to: Closed

ArcGIS Desktop is in mature support and will be retired March 1, 2026 so we won’t be considering this idea. We recommend that you migrate to ArcGIS Pro, our fully supported desktop GIS application. See Migrate from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro for more information. Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas. We truly appreciate your contributions to continuously improving the software to help you do your work and look forward to what ideas you have for ArcGIS Pro.