snapping order

07-30-2015 05:40 PM
Status: Open
MVP Frequent Contributor
Rather than having to go back to classic snapping, it would be nice to be able to pick the order that it snaps to.
Sure, I can tell it to snap to points, edges, vertex, etc., but it always snaps to points first, then on down the line.
Really a pain with small edits where it always wants to snap to the closest point, even if the line you are trying to snap to is the same or even closer distance.
Along with telling it wich type of features to snap to, the precedence order would make a huge difference in editing workflows.
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I don't even use the new snapping anymore. I keep it on classic all the time unless I am doing some basic editing.  But what you are describing is classic snapping.  To that end I would like to see a button you can add to the snapping toobar to quick turn classic on and off.

I would probably be happier with it if we could disable certain layers from being snapped to, epecially base layers etc...