Simple (maybe) idea to make Georeferencing Tool more efficient.

08-10-2017 08:47 AM
Status: Open
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On rare occasions I run into plan sets in which parcel lines are not proportional to authoritative parcel lines. Typically they line up fine after being georeferenced. The problem is that the control point tool warps the TIFF/JPEGs seemingly unnecessarily most of the time to the point where it is more accurate to use a combination of the rotate, scale, and shift tool to line up the parcel lines (or other reference lines). A tool that has this functionality would save a lot of time and be really useful:

1) Link one control point on the TIFF/JPEG to a control point in the GIS data and automatically shift the TIFF/JPEG. This would act like adding the first control point with "Auto Adjust" on.

2) The user could then click and drag another point on the TIFF/JPEG so that it both rotates and  changes scale, anchored on the control point from step 1.

I know this would help with many municipalities trying to catch up with digitizing their incoming plan sets.


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I have the exact same problem.