Silently process models on the local machine (option)

02-03-2016 08:52 AM
Status: Closed
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Geoprocessing is generally performed faster in memory on the local machine or on a local hard drive as compared to over a network connection.  It would be useful if there was a geoprocessing option that will copy a models input data from the server, procecess the model on the local machine, then place the results back onto the server.

Justification for this option:
  • Script Editors will not need to edit scripts to copy input data to the local machine so that we can take advantage of performance increases by processing data locally.  Instead we just click the option button.
  • Script Editors might not know what folders are avalible on the local machine - ie we cannot assume that C:\GISTemp is going to be on every machine.
  • This option will allow script editors to focus on the logical data flow on the server - the input and output datasets.  We will not have to edit scripts to temporary copy data to our local machine because the data processes faster on the local machine.
Inputs:  J:\InputData\EditingParcels.gdb,  J:\InputData\MyTaxdata.gdb
Outputs: J:\Public\Parcels.gdb
  • Join operations seem slow in ArcGIS when the data is from a network.  Having an option to "process data in memory / process data locally" will silently copy the input data to the local machine, run all of the models locally then push the outputs back to the server.  - And this can be done without needing to rewrite code.

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Status changed to: Closed

You are correct, processing data stored on the local machine where ArcGIS Pro is installed will provide significantly better performance compared to processing remote data. 

However, given the lack of wide support for this idea, and other critical deliverables in the near term, this idea will be closed. 

You can use the Consolidate tools in the Data Management toolbox to get all data into a local folder for faster processing.