Show all content from Portal for ArcGIS in initial view of 'My Content'

02-14-2022 11:29 PM
Status: Open
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So the main idea is to create an easy way for users visiting their 'Catalog Pane' or 'Catalog View' within ArcGIS Pro for the first time. 

Usually, when users see their catalog pane, they can only see the folders available in the portal's 'My Content' section. They cannot see other items, which is very disturbing.

arcgis pro content.PNG

It took me a while before I figured out and found the 'Show/Hide Folder' button to view the rest of the content.

I would suggest that the users opening their content pane for the first time should see all content, including folders, together. Then they can be given an option to filter out only the folders or the different types of content using the filter button.