Share Suitability Modeler from ArcGIS Pro as WRO

06-02-2021 09:48 PM
Status: Open
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It would be really effective to be able to view, and use the weight-based capacity of the new suitability modeler in a web-based application/widget, but without the need to manually create and share WRO to ArcGIS Enterprise.

What could be imagined is :

- preparation of the criteria data is done in ArcGIS Pro, with value transformations if needed

- data can then be published as a service to ArcGIS Enterprise

- the final analysis, with the relative weight is done in real time in a web application, through a widget or dedicated app. Different scenarios can be applied/saved/loaded etc...

- the resulting suitability map is a hosted layer that can be used in Enterprise for further analysis

- if needed, this suitability map can be loaded in AGPro in order to locate area (which can be resource consuming)

- the web app still give you the ability to perform real time analysis on the suitability map, like charts (based on a selection on the map with drawing/feature as input), zonal statistics (raster with features as inputs or table), reports, ...