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Share as Web Layer - Check for name exists in Analyse

06-25-2018 12:03 AM
Status: Closed
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It would be good when publishing a layer or layers to Portal for ArcGIS from ArcGIS Pro that the 'Analyze' function checks for the existence of layer names. Currently, if a layer has the same name the Analyze function gives the all clear and it is not until you 'Share' that you get the error.


This would be useful to prevent a web layer from being created before it causes downstream issues.


It would great to have the publishing 'Analyze' button check if the name of a hosted feature service already exists in portal as part of that process instead of erroring when trying to publish

Status changed to: Closed

Thank you for submitting this idea. However, we will not be moving forward with this request. Adding an analyzer wouldn't be very helpful. We would still need to check if the service name exists right before publishing.


Jonah, you're missing the point.  Of course you still need to verify the service name doesn't exist before publishing.  The same applies to many Analyze functions.

The point to Analyze is to allow the analyst to catch and fix issues before we try to publish.