Setting up sort order in the Attributes window

01-03-2012 12:10 AM
Status: Open
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I have a point feature class. Assume the point feature class represents an apartment house.

This feature is related to a table through a one to many relationship class - the related table holds data on customers living in this apartment house. 

Selecting the point feature I may open the Attributes dialog to see attributes hereon. I may also unfold each relationship class to see data on related customers. These records are identified by the Display Field or Display Expression - as we're dealing with people a relevant Display Field / Expression would be the Customer Name.

This is all nice.

But I do not want the customers (the many records being related to the one point feature) to be ordered by their name.

It would make much more sense to users seing the related customers ordered by eg. flat number. So far this is not possible.

Each of the customers have several meter readings (electric consumption). I would like to present the user with the consumption attribute hereby allowing for an overview of the more importanty information. But now we're back to the same need as above. I do not want the related readings to be ordered by consumption - this would make no sense. In stead I would like the related readings to be ordred by reading date - that is another filed / expression than used for displaying.

Esri: Please allow for me to set up not only Display Field / Display Expression but also Orderings Field / Ordering Expression.

Today you have some of this functionality enabled through Identify - though with faulty functionality (bug w reference number #NIM037658).

I do not see any good reasons for not allowing the functionality described above similarily through Identify and Attributes.

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In the Attribute Table in ArcMap (10.1), you can right-click the column header for any column in the table and choose to Sort Ascending or Sort Descending.  There is also an advanced sort that will let you set up multi-column sorts.  Is this not what you need?