Setting to disable field aliases

11-05-2021 07:45 AM
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Add a setting to Pro (under "Table") to show field names instead of field aliases by default. It's tedious to change it manually for each table.


I've never been a fan of aliases!


Please implement this, ESRI!  Case in point, I did a spatial join between two feature classes with some fields that have the same name. So the output table has NumSFR and NumSFR_1. The '_1' tips me off as two which feature class the field came from. 

These setting should be applied to:

  1. The 'attribute table' view
  2. The 'attributes' view 
  3. "Identify tool" (clicking a feature with the navigate tool)
  4.  Geoprocessing tools (Calcuate field, Merge, Append, etc)

It'd be ideal for people to specify this setting for each project, not all projects. But if it can only be one, I want the latter. 


I agree with everything you suggested AZendel!


Thank you whoever submitted this!  I honestly thought I was losing my mind trying a simple merge...  why were there so many fields with the same name??    And why were the switch from alias to fieldname NOT staying.  Over 3 hours on a simple merge...  so back to ArcMap I go for the merge

I agree with OP in that I rarely use aliases and if so it is for other people who will see the data.  


Also - why is the filter button (to turn off aliases) missing from the Dissolve tool? If this is the current way of doing it why isn't it in every geoprocessing tool?
If you don't want to make this setting part of the options could the geoprocessing tools (all of them) not follow whatever you have set in the attribute table? Turn them off in the attribute table for a particular layer and see real field names in the geoprocessing tool.





@MicheleH_DNReply Coming in ArcGIS Pro 3.1 scheduled to be released in a couple of days:




Thanks Kory.  Good to know.


I agree that the ability to show field names instead of aliases on the Identify tool is important for those of us who use Map for spot-checking data when scripting, and not for generic point-and-click attribute review.


Yes, Turn them off by default.


Hi @NormB Be sure to add your Kudos since this is an idea. Thanks