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Set your own defaults for service publishing

10-12-2017 01:41 AM
Status: Open
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When sharing a service, the service editor screen displays the default settings as programmed.

It is now not possible to adjust the default settings.

It is highly desirable that this will be possible.
It simplifies management when creating a service and ensures that a service is created in accordance with the business rules.

It does irritate me that when I share a service from ArcGIS Pro that I'm not afforded the ability to change the sharing settings and how editing will be controlled. I would greatly appreciate greater management control at the publishing stage.


In addition since Im not sure the OP clarified this, as it relates to business rules:  it would be good if the original publisher (publisher role) of a service was constrained to certain values/params (cannot create tile cache) that are set at the enterprise level, that only admins could change.  As those params (in that example) could be detrimental to resources (storage space) for the entire server. 


Edit: Merged from separate Idea.


Add functionality to Pro to remember, or be able to set defaults in Pro Options, of settings used in the Share as Web Layer process. For example allow us to set Timezone management options, Feature Properties > Operations, etc  that are used very often.

If I have to publish 50 separate layers it means I have to set the timezone, enable sync, allow editing, etc for each layer.