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Set transparency by symbol class rather than per feature

03-21-2023 03:11 PM
Status: Open
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Right now you end up with something that looks like this if you attempt to make a symbol class transparent that may include overlapping or coincident features, by setting transparency on individual symbol class elements:


Yes, you can set transparency on the entire layer itself (effects toolbar on appearance tab), but this doesn't work if you are using anything other than single symbol symbology and wish to retain opacity in your other symbol classes. A control on a per-symbol-class basis would be helpful.

Status changed to: Needs Clarification

@wayfaringrob By setting transparency on individual symbol classes, are you referring to a scenario like this?


The yellow class has 50% transparency set while the other classes have 0% transparency. To do that, click on the symbol and set the transparency in the color properties:


Let us know if what you're looking for is something else so we can determine how to handle this idea. Thanks


@KoryKramerkind of, but it seems that that applies transparency to individual features, thus creating that doubled (or more) effect, rather than the whole symbol itself, which is what happens when you use the effects version of transparency.


@wayfaringrob can you explain, "which is what happens when you use the effects version of transparency."?

What do you mean by effects version of transparency? I think I understand that you just want the same level of transparency applied to a symbol class regardless of the number of overlapping features (this would need to be an option, since showing darker areas where there are a number of stacked features is a powerful way to convey information, and would be lost with such an option)... anyway, just want to make sure I understand the comparison to the effects version of transparency.

Thank you


@KoryKramer  the separate transparency control you set on the effects toolbar of the appearance tab for the layer. Yes, would probably need to be optional.

Status changed to: Open

Got it. So you were just comparing it to layer transparency. You want that at the symbol class level, not per feature. 


@KoryKramerbingo! Thanks 🙂