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Set Results save location per project, like Default GDB

12-03-2014 10:31 AM
Status: Closed
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I would like to be able to change the location for Geoprocessing Results on a per project (a.k.a. session) basis, similar to the way one can assign a Home folder and Default Geodatabase.

ArcMap has the beginnings of this feature in that each .mxd has it's own Results session history, but global sessions, e.g. a map has not been saved, are thrown out. I want a method to keep these without laborious saving of each one before ending the ArcMap session (either because user has closed it, or it has crashed).

So this default results-history location would then keep the results history for un-saved Arcmap documents, and ArcCatalog sessions (which only has global session history, and no concept of projects).
Great idea! I also find this idea very usefull! It would be a lot more organized results comparing to what we currently have!

@mattwilkie Is this ideas relevant for you anymore in ArcGIS Pro which does embrace the concept of projects?

Status changed to: Closed

In ArcGIS Pro, every project has a Geoprocessing History, similar to the ArcMap Geoprocessing Results. When working in an Untitled project, the history is not maintained if you close the project. However, all geoprocessing tools you run are available in XML log files, which is controlled using this geoprocessing options: