Set Owner when Publishing from ArcGIS Pro

01-16-2020 02:02 PM
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Sometimes I have to publish a dataset to our ArcGIS Enterprise deployment using ArcGIS Pro because they don't know how to do so, don't have ArcGIS Pro or more often, because it needs some kind of special capability that requires authoring in ArcGIS Pro, such as Subtypes.

In these cases, it's a little inefficient for me to publish the data then go into our Portal and have to change the Owner to the user that asked me to publish it for them. It would be nice if I had the ability to set the owner during the publishing process from ArcGIS Pro.

Something like this maybe?


This would only make sense  security wise if that user had given you permission explicitly to do so under their credentials.  Maybe to keep it really secure this would have to be done using a one-time-use token?


There’s nothing stopping you as the owner of a content item from changing the ownership of your item to someone else. If you own the item, you don’t need the ‘Change Content Ownership’ privilege to set the owner of one of your items to another user in your org, so this just saves a step in that process. I can see how some orgs might not want that capability to be exposed though, so maybe it would need to be a capability exposed only to those with the ‘Change Content Ownership’ privilege.


This is not enabled for non-administrator users in our org for security reasons. We have ~5000 user accounts that we have to manage item ownership on manually.

I think this ArcGIS Idea would be nice, especially if we could get this one in place, too: