Set Map Scale Range by Subtype/Attribute class along with symbology

08-28-2012 10:59 AM
Status: Open
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Add the ability to set a different map scale at the subtype/attribute level (just like symbology), not just the layer level.  This would significantly reduce the number of layers required in a map document – no more adding the same layer 6 times, each with a different definition query and map scale range. 

Add a choice to <General> tab, under “Scale Range” for “Show Scale Range by Symbology” (similar in concept to the <Label> tab “Scale Range”.


The <Symbology> tab is likely place for this, since you already distinguish subtype/attributes to set different symbols, simply add the “Out Beyond” and “In Beyond” levels along with them. 


This is really needed. In addition to the symbology by scale, the same needs to be done with Data Definition. This is especially critical for web mapping.
This makes a great deal of sense in real world.
This makes a great deal of sense in real world.


Does the Scale-based symbol classes—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop  functionality allow for the functionality you requested in the original Idea?

"This is an effective strategy to limit the amount of detailed data at smaller scales without having to make multiple versions of the layer, each with a different definition query."



It looks like it just might work - good to know.  If only I could use ArcGIS Pro.......

Pro does not support the current geometric network, so it will be 2 years out before the new utility network with Pro will make sense.  


This is a very good idea, and could solve some of the scale-dependent rendering needs.

Similar functionality in Pro is not an adequate solution: It doesn't transfer over to web services, which is where it's most needed, and since Pro can't publish to ArcGIS Server without federation, all of its features are unavailable to a lot of Enterprise architectures that don't fit that limited structure. We need it in ArcMap.


We want this option in ArcMap asap and it can register the info of the scale in a field for web publishing to read the scale range provide for each record.