Set layout element Nudge distance

05-02-2022 02:39 PM
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The instructions for Nudging using arrow keys say the Shift/Ctrl key can be used to nudge 5/.5 points, and this appears to be the case. Sometimes the lowest setting is still too large; it would be helpful to be able to adjust this setting. 

My issue that prompted me to post this is that I was trying to make an identical copy of multiple elements in a layout, including text elements. The idea is I wanted to be able to have versions of the same text using different fonts, so they can be turned on and off easily. Only one would appear at any given time. 

When I make a copy of the elements, the copy is offset down and to the right. If I try to Nudge the copy to match the original, it doesn't work; the copy is always offset. I will wind up using the textbox setting for the X/Y values as a workaround, but I use nudging in Illustrator so I don't have to do this; it will be great to have the same ability here. 

It would certainly be helpful to have the copy's offset be consistent with the nudge. But even better would be the ability to nudge smaller distances, since that would apply in a wider variety of scenarios. 



OMG! I totally agree with this suggestion....It's something that would be VERY useful


I need this function too!


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