Set default view in ArcCatalog window to table

11-22-2013 10:55 AM
Status: Closed
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Have an option to set the default view in ArcCatalog window to table. When you have millions of records in a feature class it is very slow to draw the geography in the preview window. Even if you hit the escape button in can take 20 or 30 seconds for the view to stop drawing. The table view opens much faster and with large datasets one is usually more interested in viewing the data as opposed to the geography.

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Hello Steve,

In ArcGIS Pro, there is no longer need for the option to set the default preview mode to the Table view (instead of the Geography view).  In ArcGIS Pro Catalog view (where the preview happens), when you select an item in the content list, the default active tab is the Metadata tab, which loads quickly; you can then switch to either the Geography tab or Table tab, based on your need.  Your selected tab will stay the active tab while you continue to browse other items, until you switch to another tab.

Currently we have no plans to add further functional enhancement to ArcCatalog.