Set Color for layout guide(s)

11-13-2021 12:55 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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My request (idea) is simple: I'd like to be able to set the color of each guide that I add to my layouts.

Someone had the idea of allowing users to choose a different color for guides, but my idea goes beyond that idea and use case.

If I could set the color of each guide individually, I could set guides for each of the elements in my layout (both visible and invisible) and I would be able to differentiate between all of the guides (i.e. the guides for each element would be different colors). For example, the guides for page margins to one color, and the guides for my page elements to their own (different) colors.

This would greatly improve a user's ability to design their layouts quickly and efficiently. In my workflow, I'd prefer to slice up the page by creating guides for all of the elements, before I begin inserting any of them into the layout. I don't want to have to go back and edit elements after I've started inserting them.

Would be possible to allow users to set the layout guide color.

As a slightly color-blind person I have considerable trouble picking up the current color.

I notice this has been raised before in this forum thread.


Chris Clarke

Good idea but just remember some people may have color blind that might be difficult to read or difference, just saying 

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Status changed to: Under Consideration

I'd like to clarify my request, because of the comments that I've received on this thread. I do not want to merely change the color of all guides. My request is to be able to individually select and set the color for each of the guide(s) in a layout (obviously, one should also be able to select more than one guide at a time as well).

I want to be able to choose the color of any guide that I add to a layout. My concern is less about colorblindness (although this idea could also help those that are color blind as well) and more about making it easier to differentiate between the guides on a layout when adding elements to the layout.

I really like being able to use the guides when adding elements to make the sizing and positioning more efficient. The problem with all guides being one color is that if you add a bunch of guides to divide a layout into separate areas, it becomes very confusing fairly quickly and the guides aren't as helpful as they could be.