Set Address Locator Across Projects

04-14-2021 07:50 AM
Status: Open
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It will be very useful if there is opportunity to set address locator (for example from ArcGIS World Geocoding Service) across projects.

I am using Word locator to find places in a lot of projects. Now In ArcGIS Pro it is necessary to add new locator for every new project. It is not very friendly in case you create projects very often.

Thank you, Antonia

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maybe it is possible to add to a map template?


Hi Antonia,

In order to load ArcGIS Pro with the same locators every time, you should make use of a Project Template. Create a new project (with or without a map), add your locator(s), and the create a project template following the steps here:

From your screenshot though, it looks like you're adding the World Geocoding Service from a server connection. What portal are you using? If you are signed in to a portal with the World Geocoding Service enabled as a utility service (for instance, ArcGIS Online), the World Geocoding Service will load into your project automatically. 

Please let me know if you have additional questions.


Christa Hash