Set a default pane layout for new ArcGIS Pro projects

03-19-2021 09:15 AM
Status: Open
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Provide a way for users to set a default pane layout that is used for all new projects. Currently ArcGIS Pro opens up all the panes that were opened in the last project that was being used. This is cumbersome because many of my projects do not need the same panes open. So I am constantly having to close panes when starting new projects to clean up the interface.

I think this idea could be combined with idea Save Pane Layout to provide users a way to define and apply their default pane layout.

Then idea Save open panes in ArcGIS Pro at the project level, not the user could be used to open/close the correct panes when using an existing project.

With these three ideas combined, a user has a way to define and save a default pane layout for new projects, and existing projects open with the correct pane layout because it is saved in the project file and ignores the default pane layout.

There could even be a checkbox in ArcGIS Pro settings at the project settings level that is unchecked by default that asks the user if they want to save the pane layout to the project file. That way the default pane layout is always used unless the user explicitly saves a pane layout to the project file, so if the default layout changes all projects with this setting unchecked see the new default pane layout.