Service Based DB Connection Information

01-14-2022 10:29 PM
Status: Open
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Currently, If I have a DB User that is used in a Referenced Service, I see the single user (Listed 50 times) that locks every Feature Dataset that is Referenced on the Server\Portal, I would like the ability to see which Feature Dataset each connection is locking.  I would like the ability to see the Connections, and what the Connection is connecting to, specifically a Feature Dataset (ie Cadastral Electric. Water, Planimetric, etc)  Currently in ArcMap, for Connections, I see a  User, Connection Type and Client Machine, but I need to see which Feature Dataset is connected.  For Locks I can see locks with Feature Classes and Tables, but seeing locks from Feature Datasets would be more helpful, since if I have a layer in a feature dataset, and I need to unlock the feature dataset for data loading, I need to select all the feature classes in the feature dataset to disconnect just to remove the lock, I want to just select the Feature Dataset, Disconnect from 1 instance that then disconnects from all the child layers in the Feature Dataset.  I want the ability in ArcMap essentially reflected and enhanced in Pro.