Selection History Function

03-28-2019 12:58 PM
Status: Open
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A function or interactive selection history tool within ArcGIS Pro that allows users to see what they have previously selected and has the ability restore the previous selections immediately.


I guess the interactive part of the request makes it different from other previous requests such as

But the easiest thing to do for now is to Make Layer From Selected Features.  Name the selection layers appropriately and they can be toggled on/off from the Contents pane.



Is there any way we can request an enhancement to this to allow users to scroll thru the history of what was selected in the dataset during our edit session, it helps to sometimes go back and reselect 300 objects you previously spent time selecting without reselecting them again or creating so many subsets of the original data.

Your help on this is greatly appreciated.


This idea is that request.  But if you want to contact support you can submit an enhancement request through that channel.