Selection Anchor Options

10-18-2010 11:53 AM
Status: Open
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The ability to change the color and size of both the selection and auxiliary anchors would be great.  Either allow the user to define the color and size or change the default to a color that is more visible.  It seems more often than not that I have to turn off my imagery to find the anchor so that I can move it.  This option would definitely make editing a bit easier and more streamlined.
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i have had the same problem and if my layer is a funny shaped polygon with lines coming out from it, like tie lines to monuments, the anchor is placed in the "center" and I can't find it!
This us DEFINITELY at the top of my requests for making editing easier! I am constantly having to turn off layers -especially imagery  - in order to find the selection anchors. PLEASE make the color and size a controlable option!!!
I agree! PLEASE PLEASE make the color and size a controlable option!
I have received this request from many of my employees as well as our clients.