Select Type of Default Geodatabase to be Created in All New Projects

03-10-2023 01:58 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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Allow for the user to select the type of geodatabase to be created by default with all new projects.

Currently a user can select a file geodatabase or mobile geodatabase to be the default for a project AND select a singular geodatabase top be used by ALL projects.

This idea would extend that same choice to the default geodatabase created with every new project (if your project settings are set to create a new geodatabase with every new project).


The natural evolution of this project:

Mobile Geodatabase as Default - Esri Community

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Yes please. My reason is the same as @feralcatcolonist in the linked parent idea, "I'm trying to reduce the number of total files in shared network locations. Utilizing the mobile geodatabase is very attractive because it is a single SQLite file as opposed to the smorgasbord that is the file geodatabase.".

I suspect part of the poor performance we sometimes see on our shared map volume is because the file-gdb format is so "chatty" as one network analyst informed me.