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02-01-2018 07:42 AM
Status: Open
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Quite often when editing in our Electric Networks it is often desirable to select only Point features or select only Line Features.  For the most part though it would be great to select only Points. 

What I would like to see is a Select Points tool.  Well rather a different one.  There is a Select Point Tool and its description pop up says Select a Point on the map. But it always is grayed out and there does not seem to be further documentation on it.

So I would like to see a tool called something like Select Points Only that I could assign a hot key to.


So like a Select by Geometry > Points

                                                > Lines

                                                > Polygons


I'm assuming you'd still want access to all the different options like  Select Rectangle, Select Polygon, Lasso, Circle, etc., correct?


Actually almost never use the select by options shown above.  I am talking about a different version of the Edit Tool

Most of them are redundant versions of the Edit Tool. And they will all select everything that is selectable.

It would be a modification to each of those.  Say I use the Select by rectangle.  My tool would still select by rectangle (just like the edit tool) but would only select features.


Yes, that's what I meant - we're on the same page.  Thank you for clarifying the request for the community to vote on.