Select Random Features

07-01-2010 07:22 AM
Status: Open
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It should be possible to make a random selection of one or more features from a feature class. This capacity was available in Workstation Arcplot but has not been ported to Desktop.
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I would like to use this tool to select  ____ (number) of features from the feature class using a random selection process.  This is great for creating records for surveys.  It would also be great if it obeyed definition queries that are set in the feature class.
That would very useful! Especially for quality control => Select n% of a feature class. For sure, this tool would be available for a use in Model Builder.
Agreed. An option on the attribute table Option menu would be ideal!
Apparently it is possible using python ( but having the functionality built in would be much more convenient - "do it using python" shouldn't be the standard response that it seems to becoming.
You can do this in ArcGIS Data Reviewer!  There is a sampling check that will randomly select features.  You can provide a specific number or a percentage.  There two other options too.