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Select multiple anno features and follow (closest) feature

08-17-2022 06:31 AM
Status: Open
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We still use annotation for our parcel dimensions, even in the parcel fabric. It would be very helpful if we could select multiple parcel lines at one time and select the "follow feature" option. Currently, we have to select one at a time, which is very time consuming when we are creating, for example, a new subdivision.  

Because you wouldn't be specifying which feature each piece of anno should follow, the "closest" feature could be the default. 

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If the annotation is feature linked annotation, you can use the Annotate Selected Features geoprocessing tool to create annotation in an existing feature linked annotation layer. Select the parcel lines in the new subdivision and run the Annotate Selected Features tool to create annotation for only the selected features. 

If the annotation is not feature linked, to add multiple new annotation pieces at once you could convert selected features to annotation in a temporary layer and then append those to the main annotation feature class.

Here's an example...

I have a layer of parcel annotations (Parcel_Boundary_Anno) and I want to add annotations for the new block on the left. 


Instead of adding annotations individually, I'll turn labeling back on for my original parcel boundaries layer and select the features I want to annotate.


Next, I convert the layer to annotation and, as with other GP tools, it will only convert the selected features to annotation. This creates a new layer that I'll use temporarily so I rename it with Parcel_Boundary_Anno_TEMP.

Then I append these temporary parcel boundary anno features to my main Parcel_Boundary_Anno layer. Now that the new block's annotations are included in my main Parcel_Boundary_Anno layer I can delete the Parcel_Boundary_Anno_TEMP layer.