See Fields while Scrolling Through Attribute Table in ArcGIS Pro

04-04-2019 08:20 AM
Status: Implemented
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In ArcMap, when using the scroll bar to scroll left and right through an attribute table, you can actively see what fields you are scrolling past. However, when using the scroll bar in ArcGIS Pro to navigate left and right through an attribute table, the table will 'gray-out' and say "Scanning." This only happens when scrolling through an attribute table with many fields. We would like a feature or an option where we can actively see the fields that we are scrolling through in ArcGIS Pro instead of having the table 'gray-out' and say "Scanning."


Similar one :

It's marked implemented, even though it isn't implemented per the request.


KJ Carpenter‌ (and those following this idea) when you say "actively see what fields you are scrolling past" are you scanning (with your eyes) the field names, or are you scanning the attribute values in a row or rows of the table?

I ask because at the time this was posted, ArcGIS Pro 2.3 was already out, and we do see the field names displayed when scrolling left and right in tables with many fields.

Does that meet the need?


For me, I'm scrolling to view the values rather than the field name. A few use case example from recent:

  • I have a feature class with 400+ fields, where the field values are populated from a variety of formulas, join sources, and analysis tools through model builder. When having to make modifications, I want to quickly scroll across the table and glance at the values. The populated values are straight forward enough that I can immediately know if something (formula, join, field map, etc.) is screwed up. Right now, I'm using Pro to build and run models, but I keep ArcMap open at the same time just to view the output feature classes because the table scanning in ArcMap gives me the level of detail I need.
  • Connected to a clients RDMS database, I'm not familiar with the data yet. I need to find the table and field that contains particular values. Use a table of people and their ethnicity for this example. The field naming is apparent, to I'm having to pull in tables, open the attribute table, and very quickly scroll across to find a field populated "Hispanic" or "Not Hispanic". Our eyes can pick up on this very quick, so it doesn't need to be a slow scroll.

Correction: "The field naming IS NOT apparent, so I'm having to pull in tables..."


Thanks for the response, Cole.  

For the case of just trying to find a particular value, that will be improved when we see Add basic find functionality to ArcGIS Pro table view!‌  Let's put ourselves back in ArcMap - what is the reason to scroll through the table rather than use Find?

Like in that other idea that you referenced above, for now, to have more control when scrolling left and right, it is possible to use the arrow keys, click and hold the arrows in the table view with your mouse (slower), or click in the bar and hold which will page through (faster).


"what is the reason to scroll through the table rather than use Find". Whenever I'm qa'ing someone else's work I rapidly scroll up/down left/right...due to my familiarity with our rigidly enforced schema standard, I'm able to rapidly detect any errors, right down to "that doesn't look right (missing one character). This is just one of many thousands of possible use cases as to why the Attribute Table performance and functionality needs to mimic that of ArcMap for many people to migrate. As of now, I do most my attribute table work in Arc. It just works. Here's another issue. 

Pro: scrolling left to right is displaying some serious lag. The scroll occurs far slower than my mouse. For tables with a complex schema (many field), and having to keep going back and forth to look at attribute values, this makes Pro particularly painful to use. 


Agree with the above:

1. Scrolling should be clear so we can see passing values - it is easy to find 'out of place' or inconsistent values by eye. Please do not grey out the tables values - when scanning by eye the field name is less important to us than to see the field values. There is little need to use a find or search function when we do not know what the 'odd' value is. In fact it's faster to find unusual values, etc. by eye than it is to find or search for 'unknown' field values.

2. Agree, the scrolling of the attribute tables is clunky. When clicking it, it just pauses, then skips across a bit, then stops, then skips. We cannot smoothly scroll, especially horizontally. This is with small tables too - 10 to hundreds of rows only.

3. Agree, we find ourselves always having ArcCatalog open to do this basic things - just too many hiccups and disconnected steps with Pro to get the simple stuff done. 

Status changed to: Implemented

Implemented in ArcGIS Pro 2.8.

See Ideas in ArcGIS Pro 2.8 and (6:32) in the video.