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Scale based rendering in geospatial pdf

07-30-2021 05:49 AM
Status: Closed
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After using the tool, export pdf in ArcGIS Pro, one should be able to perform dynamic scale based rendering of multi-scale data in the exported pdf.
This capability should be included as a part of ArcGIS Pro's export pdf functionality.
This is a similar rendering when we do in a scale based rendering and visualization on a web map services

Status changed to: Needs Clarification

@DEBOLINAGUHATHAKURTA Can you give more details on what dynamic scale based rendering of multi-scale data in the exported pdf is and what it is used for so, that I can help the correct team look at this?


Hello @JonathanNeal 

Thank you for replying.

So, basically it was expected that after exporting into pdf, one should be able to zoom in and out the map like it can be done in a web. And while zooming in and out, the scale based rendering functionality that can be done in Pro, is also exported in pdf.

I am aware that this is basically a pdf functionality but is it at all possible to introduce some such sort of functionality in ArcGIS Pro, so that when the map is getting exported the scale based rendering ability is also exported with it?

Status changed to: Closed

PDF does not have constructs that would make this (changing symbology at different zoom levels) possible at this time.  If you need a fully interactive map, then publishing it as a web map (or a mobile map package for use in one of many ArcGIS Apps) would be a better choice than PDF.