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Scale-based Definition Queries

07-11-2023 10:32 AM
Status: Open
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Using definition queries, one can display different subsets of one dataset at different scales (ie, reducing the quantity of points shown based on some attribute as the user zooms out). This requires that each definition query has its own layer. When dealing with a map with a wide scale range, this may result in very many layers with the same symbology, but different definition queries. I would like to suggest that definition queries can be applied to scale ranges within one layer (or, a scale range can be applied to a definition query).

Ie. from 1:1,000-1:30,000, apply one definition query

from 1:30,000-1:100,000, apply another definition query

This can help keep the quantity of layers in a map down, and reduce duplication of symbology and label classes.


@MilesL1 have you tried display filters? 

Would that work for your use case?


No, because display filters leave the data in the map, just "invisible" (unsymbolized).


Are display filters supported in a Web Map?  From what I can see they are not. Can anyone confirm?


Thanks, Kory.  As with so many Esri products, the answer is:  "It depends"...  I'm using a Feature Service so it looks like the answer is "no" in this case.