Saving MXD's and Exporting

10-31-2012 05:48 AM
Status: Open
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I have seen this "issue" since 8.X, and has continued into 10.X and nothing has been done to correct it. When saving a MXD or PDF (or any other format from ArcMap, it always reverts back to the last saved location.  For me this is a problem since I have to navigate into many drives (from X: drive, to Y: Drive, back to X: Drive) and different projects and folders.  Will there be any improvements in where a MXD (Saved As), or PDF will be saved.  Can ESRI please fix this "bug" so that when we "SAVEAS" updated files and PDF's that it is automatically mapped to the same folder the MXD & PDF is mapped to and not the previous project.
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When saving an existing map document as a new file, the dialog window defaults to the last place you saved the map.  However, it would be better for the default location to be in the same directory as the existing map document you're working with.

There have been countless times when I perform save as for a map and it is saved in the wrong project folder.