Save/import label weight ranking

02-17-2022 12:49 AM
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Very often, I have to create multiple maps concerning various environmental subjects of protection (e.g. fauna, flora, water, humans, soil, etc). Each of these maps contains the same couple of layers depicting the technical engineering documentation concerning the construction scheme. 

Usually, this technical documentation should not be overlaid by labels so I have to assign it high label weight ranks. These should be the same in every map. Since there can be up to 15-20 layers concerning these details, especially in long-term projects, I end up typing the same 15-20 label weight ranks into all of my maps. 

I would like the capability to copy or import label weight rankings so I can use the same for all my layers without typing them again and again. 


You can copy the placement properties from 1 label class, then select the 15 different label classes and paste the placement properties to all selected label classes. It will paste all label placement properties including the feature weights, but not the text symbol properties, SQL query, etc. so this might be an option for your situation, especially if you're not even labeling the technical documentation layers. 




I wasn't aware that the placement properties included the label weight, because I always set those separately and not under label properties, but of course that is where they are stored! This is an okay workaround, though if I have to do it for 20 different layers in 10 different maps, it still takes a lot of time. Since each layer might have slightly different placement properties/label weights, you'd still have to do a lot of copy and paste - copy the settings once but then paste them again and again.