Save Field Views like Styles

05-15-2019 11:33 AM
Status: Open
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I would like the ability to apply Field Views to attribute tables for feature layers in different .aprx files. I have a data layer with numerous attribute columns that are used by different levels of staff, both internal and external.  Setting the visibility and order of attributes takes a bit of time every time this layer is added to a new map.

It would be nice to have an export option(similar to style files) to apply a field view style (preset order and visibility) for these attribute columns.  So I would have a base style that shows all attribute but ordered specific to my needs.  The second would show specific fields in a specific order for internal staff and a third would show specific fields in a specific order for external customers.  I envision going to field view and applying the style to control this visibility and order, similar to how symbology can be applied to a feature layer based on a .stylx file.