Save Field Map (Field Matching, Schema Matching)

01-12-2023 08:16 AM
Status: Implemented
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It would be great to have a "Save Field Map" option in ArcGIS Pro. This would function similar to the Load/Save expression that is available in tools like Append.

This would be useful for quickly recalling or recreating a field map that was used to reconcile field differences from a past geoprocessing tool run for a new target dataset that has the same set of fields (as the past exercise's target dataset) but different layer name or path.




@ThomasHamill  Yes sir, so many times I want to be able to set field width to another value for excel spreadsheets from the default of 255 and set doubles to integers.  Great suggestion!

Status changed to: In Product Plan

The development team agrees this is a good enhancement for the field map. We are currently redesigning this control for ArcGIS Pro 3.2, and you can expect to see this Save enhancement included when that update is made. Thank you!

Status changed to: Implemented

This Idea has been implemented in ArcGIS Pro 3.2.

In ArcGIS Pro 3.2, you find the option to load an already saved field map or export the field map as a string (.fieldmap) file. Please check out this blog to learn more about how to use the updated field map parameter in Pro 3.2.