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02-11-2022 10:23 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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Please add the ability to "Save as new map".

Scenario:  I am using ArcGIS Pro.  I import a webmap from Portal that someone else has started.  It is added to my project as a linked portal item map.  I make my changes to the map by adding layers or changing styles.  I don't want to update the linked map and revert the linked map back to it's Portal state.  I want to save this linked, changed map as a new map into my Pro project; I want to de-link the map to be a local map.  The only way to do this currently is to create a new map in the project and copy the contents across.  If I try to Save As Map File, it retains the linking.  So, my request is to add "Save As New Map".

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