Right-Click Option to Duplicate a Layer

02-09-2022 04:41 PM
Status: Already Offered
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This week, I routinely found the need to duplicate a layer in place in a map and the current workflow is quite slow.  You have to copy the layer, navigate to the top of the layer list, paste the layer on the data frame, and drag the layer back down where you want it.  It would be much simpler if you could just click on the layer and there was an option Duplicate or Duplicate Layer.


@NathanHeickLACSD Are you aware of holding the Ctrl key + drag/drop the layer or layers? This is the shortcut to duplicate in the Contents pane.



Hi Kory,

No, I was not aware of that feature.  It works pretty well.  Some of these features really require training or studying the documentation to be aware of.  I posted another related idea that is covered by this.



Status changed to: Already Offered

I'm glad that helps, Nathan! This is a common pattern in many Microsoft applications (ctrl +drag/drop to duplicate) and is functionality that existed in ArcMap. It works for other things in Pro like layout elements.


Good to know that about layout elements.  I guess I am just ignorant.  The saving grace is that it means you're doing a good job by following common patterns.  I need more UC.


Came here to post this same idea AFTER searching around and not finding documentation for this shortcut.

Please make more documentation for this feature AND include it in the ArcGIS Pro Tips And Tricks presentations, such as at the User Conference.

That said, I am glad this exists. But it WOULD be useful if a 'Duplicate' option appeared in the menu when you right-click a layer. Most people know how to use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, but Copy and Paste are still listed as part of the right-click menu.