Revise 'Home Folder' concept in ArcCatalog pane of desktop projects

10-01-2012 10:26 AM
Status: Open
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I haven't found any existing request on this, but please change what the 'home' button means in the ArcCatalog pane of desktop.  To this user at least, having the pane open up to the folder where I keep that particular .mxd project is meaningless and useless -why not allow 'Home' to refer to a data folder, or in the case of behaving like a superfluous 'Default Geodatabase' button, remove it and have the catalog pane open to the file location of the top layer in the TOC.

Each time I open the ArcCatalog pane with a project open, I have to navigate to the file location(s) of the data in the TOC.  Getting tired of this...
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Here is the way I think of the Home folder... The home folder points to the project folder in which the mxd and the data reside. When I start a project, it often has data from disparate databases such as our SDE and the project folder. I set the default directory to the SDE, that way when I need to add data from the SDE I click default. If there's data I need to add to the project database, I click the home folder. What I would like to see is the default database to also be able to connect to folder.