Rethink user experiance data to ArcGIS pro - it is very frusturating for WMS and other types of layers

07-25-2019 08:37 AM
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Adding data in ArcGIS pro is much more confusing and frustrating in ArcGIS Pro than it was in ArcMap. 

For example if I want to add a WMS layer to a map, my first instinct is to click "Add Data".  The default Add data exposes the project, portal, and Computer.  There is no option to add a new connection in this dialog.  So I closed the dialog box and selected the dropdown on Add Data-->Add Data from path.  ArcGIS reported an error after manually entering in the URL for my WMS server, which I thought was funny because the path is valid in ArcCatalog.   Next, on the insert tab that there is an option to add a connection.  I did find "Add WMS Connection" under the add connection dropdown.  After entering in the connection from the URL in ArcCatalog I hit okay.  I noticed I could not see any way to add the data from that dialog so I went back to "Add Data."  In the Add Data dialog I initially only saw project, portal, and comptuer again.  Which made me wonder if I did something wrong, or If I needed to go somewhere else still to add the data.  Fortunately however I did see the WMS connection under Add Data-->project-->Servers-->WMS Connection.


  1. Please add Insert Connections to the Add Data dialog box.  In my opinion users should be able to add any data from a single dialog box.  If not please move add connections from the Insert tab to the map tab so we only need to work with a single pane to add data.
  2. Once a connection is established please add the ability to remove the connection from the project in the Add Data dialog box.
  3. Working with data seems to be somewhat project focused in ArcPro.  While this can be good so we can focus on specific layers that project, it also makes it a pain because we have to manually copy and paste connection information between various projects, which seems unnecessary because we often use the same WMS services for each and every project we have.
  4. When we add a favorite connection should that connection to every favorite be included?
  5. Reconsider the partial integration of ArcCatalog.   I find it odd that it is available if you add a ArcGIS Catalog template (which also lets you add maps), but not if you add a map.  It should either be available on every project, or no project.

Possible Add Data Dialog Box:

Project (Project specific)

  • Databases
  • Portal Items
  • Servers
  • Folders

Favorites (Common to all projects)

  • Folders
  • Servers
  • Portal Favorites
  • Database Favorites
  • Other Favorites


  • Same as current


  • All known ArcGIS Server Connections
  • All known WMS Connections
  • All known WMTS Connections
  • etc


  • Same as current



Thank You