Retaining Data in Direction/Length

08-27-2019 05:01 AM
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It would be super helpful if the Direction and Length Tab would retain the data similar to the Tangent Curve feature.  It could then be changed when needed!  Thank you for your consideration.

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Kelly Yoder‌ What product are you working in?  ArcGIS Pro?  Please choose a Category for your idea, and adding tags (editing?, COGO? etc.) is very helpful.

Screenshots showing exactly what you're talking about are also super handy.

Thank you!


While editing in ArcMap, begin drawing a line, right click, select direction / length, type in numerical values.

It would be nice if the values were stored in the tool, like they are stored in the box for tangent curves.



The Direction and Distance dialog box is designed to populate the values from the segment you are sketching. In ArcGIS Pro 2.7, you will be able to use Inference constraints along with snapping to quickly create the same segment over and over (which seems like the goal here). Here's a sneak peak:



In the GIF you can see that the Direction and Distance dialog is reading in the values of the segment. The new ability here is called Inference, and it should make sketching repeated geometry easier. FWIW, I could have just clicked to snap to the snapping points on the inference "rays" instead of bringing up the Direction and Distance dialog box, but I wanted to illustrate the fact that the dialog reads the geometry of the sketch.