Reset Kernel without Restarting Pro

08-15-2022 09:31 AM
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In order to reset the Python kernel in ArcGIS Pro Notebooks, you have to restart Pro. This is very frustrating as well as inefficient if you have to rerun a Notebook more than once. Please allow resetting the kernel without having to completely restart Pro.

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I agree. I love notebooks as it allows me to work through a problem with the added benefit of making my work easily reproducible and hopefully tracking my thought process with good notes that are more robust and better formatted than just python comments. However, sometimes I get odd results because there are things lingering in memory that I've forgot about and don't have a completely fleshed out script yet. It would be nice to just be able to clear the memory and start from scratch without restarting PRO.

Granted, this is largely due to my poor programming skills, but sometimes you just need to back-track from the rabbit hole you went down and restart....preferably without restarting PRO.


Adding my response from the FAQ here just so it is visible:

This is a feature we’ve researched a few times and would like to have a fix for eventually. At this time it is still not possible due to the fact that python and it’s libraries (dlls) are loaded by the application and certain python dlls once loaded cannot be “reloaded”.  Sorry for the inconvenience, we would love to get this done also.



Well you may as well abandon the notebook functionality altogether - having to restart the software like you're using a Commodore 64 makes it way more trouble than it's worth. Incredible for such an expensive software product


If you create a process in the jupyter notebook in pro and it takes too long or has a looping error it is not possible to break or cancel the process while running in pro.   The only method to kill the process is to kill the ArcGIS pro application.  The idea is to add a button or menu item to kill the notebook to stop it from processing.


ArcGIS Notebooks in ArcGIS Pro (3.1) FAQ - Esri Community  has recent comments on this exact issue


@DanPatterson I think you meant to link to the conversation in the 3.0 FAQ. @KyleGonterwitz's idea is similar to that one suggested earlier. To avoid repetition, I have combined them into one idea.