Required vs Not Required fields for Get Attributes tool in Tasks

06-06-2016 03:32 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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I propose that the get attributes part of tasks needs someway to identify when a field is required by the user and when it is not. At the time of writing this, when you make a task that gets attributes from the user if any of those fields are left blank by the user then you cannot continue past that step. I think there should be a check box for each of the get attribute fields that states whether or not it is required. This is easier to show than to explain. Below is an image of the end users task. This task is used to update streets with the correct names, ranges, and etc. This step is where the user enters in all the information that needs to be updated on the road, but not all these fields need updating on every road. When trying to continue I got the error that can be seen on the bottom of the image. A workaround (which i thought was funny)  you can just add the skip option, but it will save anything you entered in this step. If you didn't enter anything than nothing was calculated for that field in the end.


To solve this issue I think a checkbox could be added to the popup that occurs when setting up the get attributes step. This way you can hit next instead of using the skip workaround. The skip workaround throws an error when calculating the field at the very end that didn't get entered by the user. Also it would be nice that if the field wasn't required it didn't throw an error at the very end.


Great idea - under consideration.

Should validate provide a warning if an optional field parameter is used in subsequent steps?



Status changed to: Under Consideration