Reproduce Extract Data Wizard workflow in AGP

10-30-2020 12:44 PM
Status: In Product Plan
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The Extract Data Wizard available in the Distributed Database toolbar in ArcGIS Desktop (shown below) has not been recreated in ArcGIS Pro.  

This wizard provides a very simple, clean method of putting data with all relevant domains, subtypes and relationships into a new file GDB (I do not have any experience with XML).  And, users have the option of choosing Schema Only, which creates a clean shell of the feature class(es) selected.  No ZIP files, no packages, no XML imports/exports... no fuss!  This is extremely useful for documentation, testing, etc.  Please consider adding this essential function to ArcGIS Pro.  Thanks.


This is an extremely valuable tool!


Please be sure to include the functionality of replicating to a different coordinate system...How To: Create a replica where the secondary replica data is in a different coordinate system than t... 


I use the wizard several times a month to extract subsets of three or four feature classes, one table, and relationship classes.  Everything is transferred  in one run of the tool, and the relationships and domains remain intact.   It's about the only thing that I use ArcMap for now, so I can't give it up completely.



This is also one of the few things keeping us from going full ArcPro as well.

And, just to clarify, I don't care if you use that workflow as long as we can achieve the same results.

AND MAKE IT SCRIPTABLE!   It has always irritated me that this is one of the few tools (along with updating properties of a geocoding service) for which geoprocessing tools don't exist.


We will be relying on the data replication tool in ArcMap to reproject all our data keeping relationship classes intact. 

ArcPro really needs this functionality.


@KoryKramer as this has been considered 'Open' for quite some time, is there any updates to the idea? I know that the Change Schema / Import Schema idea has been added to the ArcPro 3.1 version coming out soon.


Status changed to: In Product Plan

Thanks for the Idea, @HilaryCampbell and all those who commented.   

We've heard your requests for the Extract Data Wizards functionality, and we're working to bring this into a future release as a scriptable geoprocessing tool. 

I've changed this Ideas status to In Product Plan. 


The Extract Data Wizard was a great tool in ArcMap when needing to export a blank schema to share with consultants. Please bring this tool back in ArcGIS Pro. In AGP, exporting a schema is limited to an XML document, rather than being able to provide it in a blank geodatabase.


I'm adding my support to this request. Currently our surveyors use ArcMap to generate schema-only checkout replicas, which is not currently possibly in ArcGIS Pro (to the best of my knowledge).

@SSWoodward I would like to add that the ArcMap tool allows users to choose per feature class whether they want to extract its data or schema-only. A similar tool for ArcGIS Pro should allow this as well.