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08-16-2021 08:10 AM
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I would love to see examples of Reports in ArcGIS Pro and the .NET SDK. I would love to see whats possible to report on features. I find the documentation very light here.

I would like to see what reporting options are available so I know what is possible. I see that there are reporting options in Pro, but I also hear people use other options by Microsoft, SAP, Crystal Reports, and the list goes on.


But i dont see examples. I would love to see examples, that way i know what's possible and i can decipher what is not possible.

Next to collecting gis data, reporting is the most significant part of our programs. I cannot emphasize how important this part is. It is the final results of all the work.



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Using the Pro SDK, you can generate Reports and customize/edit existing reports.  Here are some of the links that can help you get started on this:

Please let us know if you have any specific workflows with reports that you need help with.